What Our Clients Say

Thank you for allowing me to attend the college tour on such short notice. The tour made me realize that even though I’m a sophomore I still need to be looking at colleges and deciding where I want to go now. It also helped me to look for more options when applying for scholarships…This college tour was extremely helpful to me and it shed light on things I hadn’t even considered and I know it will help other students in the future. I wanted to thank you again for giving me this opportunity to continue to plan for a brighter future.

– Raven C - Spring

I too wish to thank the College Tour committee, and chaperones, for your vision and support of the college tour.  It was a wonderful opportunity for our son, and all the kids that attended.  Mark learned a lot and is still talking about the campuses and the Gaylord hotel!  He had an awesome time!

– Glenn & Karen – Spring

The Rites of Passage created a space for growing Christians. With leadership and guidance from Rev Robinson and Ms. Michele, we were able to speak freely and openly about various topics that affect young Christians. These topics varied from etiquette and romantic/non-romantic relationships to beauty and health care. Moreover, this space allowed us to know that we did have a support system. It revealed to us young Christians that there were other young people like us that went through/battled the same issues.

– Shadura L., Brown University Sophomore


“The whole experience of learning just how many different careers are attributed to STEM knowledge has opened her eyes to greater possibilities.  Just telling a teenager to do well in science and math is one thing, but letting them experience it in a focused environment has been immeasurable for our daughter.”  – Parent of a 2013 Summer STEM Program participant 


 “The experience of going on field trips to see how science, technology, engineering, and math are important to our daily lives was instrumental in my daughter’s development this summer.” – Parent of a 2013 Summer STEM Program participant

 “Thank you again.  My family and I look forward to working with your organization to keep this important initiative moving forward to encourage our youth to believe in themselves and to be open to new adventures and experiences in the world of science and technology.”    – Parent of 2013 STEM Program participant 

“The interpersonal time with leaders who work in the STEM field as their daily jobs was impactful to my daughter understanding of how important STEM is in our world.”

 “When my daughter came home from each session of the B.U.O.Y. she loved sharing things she learned such as how scientists investigate and conduct experiments.”  – Parent of 2013 STEM Program participant 

“My daughter attended to BUOY STEM Program last summer and it greatly improved her outlook as a STEM student.  She struggles in Math but through BUOY has obtained the motivation to not let math hold her back and now she looks forward to taking on math challenges.  The Buoy Program is also in-line with her career aspiration of working within the Health and Human Services field. Overall the benefits she received from participating in the STEM Program are invaluable and she looks forward to attending and participating in all activities that BUOY has to offer.” – Parent of 2013 STEM Program participant 

“Not only was the B.U.O.Y. STEM Program fun, but a great way to stay current on academic skills during the summer. My daughter has a greater respect for math  and can now see how closely it relates to science and how she can use these skills in the future.  This program helped prepare her to get into the high school of her choice and can help her get into the college of her choice.  My daughter would like to continue with future STEM programs and intends to pursue a career in the medical field utilizing both science and math skills.” – Parent of 2013 STEM Program participant