2014 Mission Trip: Jamaica

Mission Accomplished!

What a week! Jamaica was beautiful. We had many challenges throughout the week but the mission trip was one of the best experiences of our lives. The ministry highlights: 71 people gave their lives to Christ. 11 people were baptized. We distributed over 3500 pounds of food to several communities in St. Catherine’s Parish and we met so many wonderful people.

The five young people we took had a life changing experience and are excited about serving on future mission trips. We thank God for Pastor Reynolds of New Zion AME Church, Pastor Dixon of St John AME Church, Pastor Chambers of Longville Park AME Church, Pastor Mundel of Shiloh and the great people at each of these churches. They worshipped with us, fed us and loved us with the love of Jesus all week long. We can’t wait to go back in 2015!

With that said, the churches in Jamaica need assistance. They are in the midst of a three month drought. Unemployment on the island is over 30% and the medical needs are heartbreaking. If you are inclined to help, you can make a tax deductible donation by clicking here that will go directly to the churches and communities we visited.

 Click here to see a video about last year’s trip.

Welcome to Jamaica!             Welcome to Jamaica!

 At the FiWi place

Michelle and the girls




         Michelle with the girls. This was day one and the heat was getting to us.






Michelle loves the kids

Michelle loves the kids! This little girl is precious.





 After a baptism. There were four candidates and three others decided to get baptized on the spot.


 Getting ready to climb Dunn’s River Falls. This was a great team building experience.



The entire island has been suffering through a severe drought. We saw the clouds and were hopeful but it only rained for a few minutes.