2015 Mission Trip: Guatemala

This year we travelled to the Western Highland Region of Guatemala with Old Bridge United Methodist Church. On this trip we built 14 stoves for women who live in extreme poverty so they can cook indoors without breathing the toxic fumes that are emitted by the open pit fires they often use in non ventilated spaces. Highland Maya women typically do not have access to labor saving devices nor do they have instant food. A three-ring cooking stove drastically reduces their workload and requires less wood for fuel. These stoves save a typical woman about 2/3 of her annual income and dramatically reduce the amount of toxic air breathed in by women and their families.

We also planted over 150 trees to help with reforestation efforts. Forests around the world have seen drastic reductions in the past decade. Guatemala’s forests are no different.

We also painted and cleaned a three-room school that will also be used to house the Women’s Circle Program that teaches entrepreneurial and other life skills to the women and their children. Pictures of our time in Guatemala are below. Thank you for your support and prayers.


BUOY InternationalBeautiful Lake Atlitlan

The BUOY team at Lake Atitlan on day 1






Communion on the boat on our way to the coffee plantation





This is what the stoves will replaceA finished stove

This will be replaced by a stove





The finished product     



The women in the village wanted to dress our ladies
in traditional garb. They looked beautiful!

20150716_123819                                 20150716_123859








                                Closing ceremony 2







Planting trees was harder than we thought. We were deep in the forrest!

20150716_110905                20150716_113630





20150715_093715                                           20150715_101954

We painted and cleaned this three room school

Image 124

Jasmine & Regina Painting                                                          Image 125 (1)









The Mayan Ruins at Iximche  were incredible!





20150717_121348                                             20150717_121140

This is a ball court where the Mayans played a game with a heavy rubber ball. Legend has it that the losing team would be sacrificed to the gods. No pressure!


This is one of several temples in the city. It’s believed that each of the 13 gods had its own temple.

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